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Blank (2019) Hindi Movie Review

Before Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday perform their much-awaited debuts next week in STUDENT OF THE YEAR, there is one added newbie who will move into the career of Bollywood – Karan Kapadia with BLANK. The movie and the artist both have been talked about since Karan is the nephew of Dimple Kapadia. Even Akshay Kumar has lent his support to the film by allowing to do promotional lyrics. With the marketing aspect being taken the responsibility of the questions that appear now are – Is BLANK well-made worth all the hype and buzz? Or does it miss to hit a chord with the public? Let’s examine!

Blank (2019) Hindi Movie

Director Behzad Khambata
Stars Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Karanvir Sharma
Country India
Genres Action, Thriller 
Initial release 3 May 2019
Language Hindi

BLANK is the narrative of a terrorist who is a ‘living explosive’. Hanif (Karan Kapadia) is the role of a terrorist crowd called Tehreer Al-Hind, commanded by Maqsood (Jameel Khan). He has come in Mumbai along with other terrorists with a dangerous plan – to set off 24 explosive blasts, each by a terrorist. However, on the D-Day, he resorts with a road accident. He falls and is taken to the dispensary. The workers there are surprised to see a timed bomb attached to his body! Quickly, the ATS chief S S Dewan (Sunny Deol) is notified. The specialists are unable to detach the threat from his body as its association with his heart. Once Hanif regains consciousness, a different obstacle appears in front of Dewan. Hanif has failed his mind due to the accident and doesn’t remember anything at all about the bomb or where he has come from. Dewan’s juniors, Husna (Ishita Dutta) and Rohit (Karanvir Sharma) meanwhile capture another self-destruction plane, Farukh. He recognized that the police now has the next terrorist to remove information from, Dewan’s senior Aruna Gupta orders that Hanif is taken to the outskirts of the capital and be killed. Dewan accompanies the party that takes Hanif to a salt pan.

On the other side, Husna quickly locates Hanif’s house, where she gets the blueprint of the bomb connected to Hanif’s body. She recognises that killing Hanif will trigger other 24 weapons in the city, and she quickly notifies Dewan of the same. At this time, a group of terrorists appear at the salt pans and hits the cops. They also take away Hanif. What happens next kinds the excess of the movie.

Pranav Adarsh’s narrative is usual. His screenplay is clean but also has its loose ends. Some little developments are also skipped, which is bewildering. After all, the movie continuation is quite less and 4-5 minutes of more views wouldn’t have hurt the movie. Behzad Khambata’s conversations are comfortable and work well.
Behzad Khambata’s direction is quite correct, also thinking that it’s his directorial debut. He has few handled some displays deftly.

BLANK is only 111 minutes lengthy, but it looks quite protracted. The movie begins well at a critical time and then goes on a flashback form. The first half doesn’t go on a high but is clean and sans complaints. Hanif’s fight series in the clinic is correctly performed. His investigation sequence gets a little dragging but holds spectators interested. The intermission point is the best part of the movie. Three communities are coinciding here – Husna is exploring Hanif’s home, Rohit is in search of the godown whereas Dewan is about to hang Hanif. And all these chapters are well managed. Post-interval however, the movie goes downhill. A track is needlessly added about Hanif’s father during the 2002 riots. Remove this little, and the film yet would have made taste. The fighting view in the visitor room is quite long and well-executed. The climax is entirely unexpected and unpredictable. That is a plus, but at the same time, the logic goes out of the window. The crowds especially would find it tough to understand the improvements regarding the bomb connected on Hanif’s body.

Karan Kapadia delivers an excellent introduction. He succeeds in pulling off this uni-dimensional nature. Shockingly, the movie is marketed extensively on his title, but for most of the second half, he is not there on the screen. Sunny Deol is excellent, and after a string of faulty movies and acts [YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA PHIR SE, MOHALLA ASSI, BHAIAJI SUPERHIT], he finally declares his worth in this movie. The public will get to see the Deol they love, in this movie. Ishita Dutta gives her best shot. Karanvir Sharma seems dashing and makes his presence felt. Jameel Khan (Maqsood) is entertaining. But his action might remind one of his role in BABY [2015]. Kishori Shahane (Dewan’s wife) is wasted. The artists playing Farukh, Bashir, Aruna Gupta and Dewan’s son Raunaq are familiar.

Song has no range. ‘Ali Ali’, featuring Akshay Kumar, arrives in the end. ‘Himmat Karja’ is wasted, and the way Sunny Deol and others start making a particular hand gesture in a severe moment looks out of position. ‘Warning Nahi Dunga’is played during the opening credits and goes well with it. Rushin Dalal and Kaizad Gherd’s background score, however, is reliable and escalates impression.

R Dee’s cinematography is out-class and provides the movie with an excellent look. Watch out for the bird’s eyeshot of the salt pans – simply breathtaking! Vikram Dahiya’s performance is visually beautiful and not too offensive. Rajinder Sharma’s production plan is appropriate. FutureWorks Media Ltd’s VFX is genuine. Sanjay Sharma’s editing is okay.

On the whole, BLANK is well organised and operated and is based on the relatable cases of terrorism. Sunny Deol’s followers will like him in the action-packed character after a long time. At the box office, it will be an average charge!

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