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Danny (2020) Tamil Movie Review

Kundhavai (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) is an officer of police who allows charge of a police station in Thanjavur after a woman’s body is detected burnt to death. The entire world casts suspicion on the husband, and he is arrested. But Kundhavai believes there is more to the story and follows other signs.

Danny (2020) Tamil

Director Santhanamoorthy L S
Stars Yogi Babu, Vela Ramamoorthy, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Country India
Genres Action
Initial release 01 Aug 2020
Language Tamil

On the other side, we see Danny capture suspects and being scent master supreme! Danny is taken in to help with the murder inquiry. Kundhavai goes off on a tangent chasing the suspects, but tragedy hits home, and this sets her on an impact course with the men useful for the murders. Cue the climax.

Danny falters here. It loses the centre of its core plot. In its excitement to deliver a ‘commercial’ film, Santhanamoorthy adds scenes that instead of propelling the narrative forward, snuffs the juice out of its wafer-thin plot.

Danny could have been a police procedural in the shape of V1. It is a ‘mass’ vehicle for Varalaxmi — the actor has a ‘farmer introduction’, is reasonably stone-faced when she puts on the cop outfit and could have pulled off a few ‘whistle-worthy’ dialogues.

They bring the poor dog to sniff things; the labrador pup has no character arc. There is another officer named ‘Manda Kasayam’ who was called by the name of a police dog. Danny could have been a clash of egos between a Labrador and the German Shepherd before they join paws towards the climax to capture the evil villain.

Unluckily, Danny loses track due to inclusion of mindless comedy sequences. They are unfunny and only takes away the time that could have alternately used to spin a more gripping narrative. Relatability goes for a toss. It is hard to feel spent with Kundhavai’s cause, to marvel at Danny’s awesomeness or the evil of its suspects.
If not for its below-average screenplay, Danny’s plot thinks to give us a racy, edge-of-the-seat thriller; there is only missed opportunity for the filmmaker.

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