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Power Star (2020) Telugu Movie Review

The film starts with the camera concentrating on Che Guevara’s portraiture, a favorite of actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan. In the last minutes, it has a character treating the picture with some rudeness. Through the two moments, writer-director Ram Gopal Varma wants to symbolically project the Jana Sena Party’s eventual ‘disregard’ for the Communist revolutionary.

Power Star (2020) Telugu

Director Ram Gopal Varma
Stars Chiranjeevi, Bandla Ganesh, Prawan Kalyan
Country India
Genres Drama
Initial release 25 July 2020
Language Telugu

For the unaware, Power Star is an irony on Pawan Kalyan. The Telugu superstar falls into politics has been a crash in recent times. His Jana Sena gets rechristened as Mana Sena. Soon after the electoral debacle, a range of characters keeps adding insult to injury in this satirical film streaming on a pay-per-view basis. A Chiranjeevi lookalike tells Prawan to stick to movies. A Chandrababu Naidu makes him say that backing him in 2014 was a historic blunder.

The film’s fixation with roasting becomes too much to bear. Mahesh Kathi enters the screen when film activist. Kathi’s constant bickerings with Pawan Kalyan’s fans trigger no interest in 2020. The screentime also used for something better. Producer Bandla Ganesh, who made the blockbuster Gabbar Singh with Pawan, is shown as an incorrigible sycophant who gets treated like kiddo. RGV’s flight of fantasy has no limits, and he hardly deploys his creative energies for anything important.

As an intelligent adviser, RGV enters the screen somewhere in the last quarter of the 37-minute-long web-film. The controversial director has an ax to shiver with the former Jana Sena ideologue Ravi Teja and Pawan’s intellectual collaborator, who wrote a high on theory. Ravi Teja becomes the fall guy for Pawan’s mental misdirection in the film. RGV randomly mentions Ayn Rand and Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx’s Dialectical Materialism for no rhyme or reason, much like Pawan says Che Guevara in his political speeches no rhyme or reason.

Power Star is a wasted opportunity. Considering that RGV had an almost brilliant actor in imitating Pawan Kalyan, the web-film should have given us more. What we have on offer is nothing but tabloid-level gossiping sans maturity. This film ends up trolling Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo director Trivikram Srinivas.
The one moment that stands out is the closing shot. Whatever RGV says at the end of a lengthy monologue is a sucker punch and what Prawan does as soon as he says it is satire at its subtle best. You got to pay Rs 250 and watch it for yourself.

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