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Top 10 Best Alternatives to 123movies Websites

Top 10 Best Alternatives to 123movies

The unfortunate fact of online streaming sites is that they come but go without notice. Although the 123movies are alive and well, At that time, no one knew that he would not change tomorrow. To avoid any nasty surprises, check out our selection of the top 10 best alternatives to 123movies.

  1. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is too easy to use, and there have many great movies and TV shows; you will not believe that this site is free. Users don’t have to watch videos on yesmovies; you must first create a user account to save your favorite films and receive personalized recommendations.

  1. VexMovies

Please, don’t turn around when you lay your eyes upon the ugly abomination that is the homepage of VexMovies. The site is a great and reliable source for free movies, and You will love its design when viewed in full screen.

  1. Niter


Niter is currently the best online streaming site for backups. We say “backup” only because Niter’s selection of content is slightly smaller compared with 123movies, but only marginally. However, the look and feel of the site is absolutely spot on, and most users of 123movies should feel instantly at home.

  1. Movie25

No, this online streaming site doesn’t offer a meticulously curated selection of 25 movies. It presents films that have been released in recent years. Exceptionally various critically acclaimed indie flicks that are worth watching despite never receiving much public attention.

  1. WatchFree

WatchFree is a great website where you can watch free movies online. We would agree if it weren’t for the annoying pop-up windows, which are triggered by almost every click you make on the site and affect the overall user experience.

  1. GoMovies

GoMovies looks and feels like a carbon copy of 123movies, and the two online streaming sites even offer virtually the same selection of content. GoMovies has a color scheme that is much for the eyes than 123movies. That’s why you should give it a try.

  1. PopcornFlix

To avoid fans of movies and TV shows, Popcornflix is an excellent place. The site conveniently lists all newly added videos and trending movies, so choosing something interesting is a matter of a few clicks.

  1. ZMovies

ZMovies is a deceptively simple online streaming site that lists movies by genre and year of release. If you want to convert your video into HD quality or download it for offline viewing, you can easily do it in ZMovies. All movies are correctly tagged, so finding more of the same shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. FMovies

FMovies is a beautiful online streaming site with a large carousel with featured movies. All the videos are available without registration on the website. But you have to take one minute, and We suggest you create your own user account so you can make requests.

  1. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is an old online streaming site, but it has aged like fine wine. Yes, its design is mature. But when you select movies or TV shows, you will see that they are as fresh as ever.